Alpine Strategy Update

Did you know that the Gardens has a focus on alpine conservation work? Keep an eye out for an in-depth exploration of the North American Botanic Garden Strategy for Alpine Plant Conservation (the Alpine Strategy), a blueprint for conservation and protection of alpine plants and habitats in North America that guides our conservation work!

We’ll start with WHY we were compelled to develop this strategy. Alpine areas are even more affected by climate change than lower elevations and are warming faster. Many of the specialized plants and animals that live in the alpine can’t live anywhere else, and are in danger of extinction if these areas continue to warm, including, pictured below in order left to right, the American Pika (Ochotona princeps), Alpine Primrose (Primula angustifolia), and Arctic Alpine Forget-Me-Not (Eritrichium argenteum).

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens - At Risk Alpine Plants and Animals

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