Located at 8,200 ft., Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is North America’s highest botanic garden with a world class collection of alpine and rock garden plants. Interns participate in a variety of learning activities in the Gardens, participate in field trips to regional public gardens and conduct plant identification outings on mountain hikes. In addition, interns gain valuable hands on experience working with the volunteers and learning specific gardening techniques from garden staff.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens offers two different types of internships – college internships in the fields of education and horticulture. We also offer high school internships. See below for more information. 

Internships are generously endowed by the Frechette Family Foundation.

Internship Application & Information

College Internships


Applications Due January 26th, 2020

High School Internships

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens offers internship opportunities through Eagle County Schools CareerX Program. Interns will experience all aspects of how a small botanical garden operates. Of the 8 days 3 days will be spent in the Gardens, 2 days in the Education Center, 2 days on event and visitor relations and 1 days in the area of the intern’s choice. Orientation and training as required will be provided. The internships are offered year-round with a flexible amount of days and times and receive interns receive school credit for participation
For more information take a look at our informational flyer High School Internships at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens , or contact /(970)476-0103 x 3, or visit Eagle County Schools CareerX Website

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You may also send a resume and cover letter to nick@bettyfordalpinegardens for Horticulture and for Education to

Delainey Williams – Horticulture Intern 2019

Spending the summer at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens was a great learning experience. The Michigan State horticulture program provided me with knowledge and some hands-on experiences but there is nothing like getting to put all of that to practice in a place as beautiful as Vail, Colorado. I have had the dream of working in a botanical garden since my freshmen year of college, and the summer after...

Brittney Marshall – Horticulture Intern 2019

My internship with Betty Ford Alpine Gardens was a great introduction to the world of plant conservation. Throughout the summer, I worked with Nicola on North American Botanic Garden Strategy for Alpine Plant Conservation targets, specifically, creating a list of all North American alpine plants. As part of this project, I contacted authors of floras and field guides, National Forest Service...

Claire Pirio – Education Intern 2018 & 2019

My summer at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens has been nothing short of incredible. During my first couple of weeks at the Gardens, I would find myself smiling just from how lucky I felt to have landed an internship in such a beautiful setting. As the Education Intern, I got to interact with children and their families in the Children’s Garden to teach them about riparian environments and how to...

Kate Love – Horticulture Intern 2018

Working at Betty Ford Alpines Gardens presented a unique opportunity to work with and learn about alpine plants native to Colorado and across the world. Hands-on horticulture experience in the gardens, field trips to alpine areas, and working with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers created a one of a kind internship experience. As someone greatly interested in conservation, learning about...

Jenna Bachman – Horticulture Intern 2017

Jenna Bachman – Horticulture Intern 2017

Interning at Betty Ford was an amazing opportunity for so many reasons. Living and gardening in a landscape like this was completely new for me, but exploring the landscape and getting to know the native plants and the garden was an incredible learning and growing experience.  As the horticulture intern, I worked in the gardens every day, and was constantly exposed to new plants and...

Elizabeth Hossink – Education Intern 2017

The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens were exactly where I needed to be this past summer. My time in Colorado was marked by beautiful landscapes, personal growth, new friends, and much learning. I was immediately welcomed as part of the staff, and continuously affirmed of my value to the organization. At the same time, I was challenged and encouraged to take initiative on projects and explore my...

Colin Lee – Curatorial Intern 2016

When I look back at my Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Internship I can’t help but think of all the amazing opportunities I was given as an intern both inside and outside of the gardens. While in the gardens, I was subject to learning and working with plants every day in all different areas of the gardens. This included daily interactions with staff, volunteers and guests alike, which in turn allowed...

Rachel Holland – Horticulture Intern 2016

I had an incredible summer as an intern at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. This experience was once in a lifetime, not only do you have the privilege to work in the beautiful Gore Range. But you are given the amazing opportunity tolive in Vail, Colorado and explore the area. During my time as an intern at the gardens, I learned so many new species of alpine plants. I had never been to Colorado...

Allyson Ayalon – Curatorial Intern 2015

I came to work as the curatorial intern at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens to learn about managing plant records for living collections and to assist with plant display labels, a summer job that was a perfect compliment to my Master’s study in public horticulture.

Marie Rist – Education Intern 2015

This summer I began to experience the true atmosphere of living in the mountains in Vail, CO. Working at the gardens was an amazing experience.

Sam Gilvarg – Horticulture Intern 2015

My experience working as the Horticultural Intern at BFAG has opened my eyes to a whole world of Alpine plants and their ecology that I had previously only been able to experience through the pages of a book.

Jessica Wong, Curatorial Intern 2014

Jessica Wong, Curatorial Intern 2014

For anyone interested in plant records, working at BFAG for a summer is a great experience! If you’ve had previous experience with BG-Base, you will get the chance to test your skills and brainstorm ways of improving the garden’s collection management. If you’ve never used BG-Base before, it is still a great place to learn the basics of the database and get familiar with some really cool plants....

Madra Choromanska, Education Intern 2014

Madra Choromanska, Education Intern 2014

My summer internship has allowed me to grow, learn about the plant world, and better explore my surroundings. As the education intern I showed and talked with children about many things, from how a seed develops to how they liked to mix watercolors to what herbs grow in the garden (and were their favorite to taste!). Interacting with visitors of all ages in the gardens reminded me how powerful...

Montana Williams, Horticulture Intern 2014

If you’re looking for a way to really immerse yourself in the field of public horticulture and live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, this internship is for you! During my time in Vail I was able to expand and define my skillset in general garden maintenance (planting, watering, pruning etc.), volunteer management, visitor services, seed collection, and plant records- working...

Gena Morgis, Education Intern Summer 2013

Gena Morgis, Education Intern Summer 2013

Gena Morgis Education intern Summer 2013 The Education Intern Position at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens allowed me to participate in hands on work within the gardens, and focus on the development of educational programs for children. Each week of the summer, educational lessons and interactive activities would be displayed on the garden Discovery Cart and focus on ecological subjects such as the...

Joel Sehloff, Garden Maintenance Intern Summer 2013

Joel Sehloff, Garden Maintenance Intern Summer 2013

Joel Sehloff - University of Wisconsin – River Falls Horticulture Intern - Summer 2013 To say the least, my summer at the Alpine gardens was incredible. I don’t think there was ever two days that were quite the same. The gardens have so much to offer to students of horticulture, with plants from all around the world. A short walk through takes you through plants of the high Rockies all the way...

Katrina Zavislan, Education Intern Summer 2012

My summer internship with Betty Ford Alpine Gardens was amazing! When I arrived in May I knew very little about alpine plants, but by the end of my internship I could name many new favorite plants around the gardens.  Coming from central New York, the chance to work with rare high alpine plants was a unique and exciting opportunity for me.  Through interactions with both the garden staff and...

Manuela Mendez, Horticulture & Conservation Intern Summer 2012

Manuela Méndez Herranz Chile Garden Internship 2012 summer I am very thankful for the internship opportunity at the Betty Ford Alpine Garden. My experience at the garden was amazing; I learned a lot in such a beautiful place surrounded by very friendly and patient staff and interns. I want to thank every single person that made this wonderful opportunity possible. I have been working in the...

Mallory Smith, Grounds & Horticulture Intern Summer 2012

Grounds & Horticulture Intern Summer 2012 I feel very fortunate to have had an internship at Betty Ford Gardens this past summer. I first gained a true appreciation for alpine plants and rock gardening from a previous internship at Denver Botanic Gardens in 2010. Since then I had been eager to return to Colorado. Naturally, I was ecstatic when I was invited to work in Vail for the summer....

Nicolette Albright, Purdue University 2011 Summer

My summer internship at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens surpassed all my expectations. From my first day up until my last, I looked forward to waking up and going to work. The staff and volunteers keep me busy and not a day went by that I did not learn something new. I was given responsibilities that most interns do not have the opportunity to be undertaking. I was able to learn the large scale...

Rose Gettel, Garden & Education Internship – 2008 Summer Bozeman, Montana Garden & Education Internship - 2008 Summer My summer internship at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens was an experience that went above and beyond my expectations! Not only did I have the opportunity to work outdoors in such a beautiful community, but I was also very thankful to have been working alongside such a friendly staff. The employees at...

Kitti Lippai, Garden Intern – 2004 summer

Kitti Lippai, Hungary,Torokszentmiklos Garden Intern - 2004 summer I spent 3 month in the Betty Ford Alpine Garden from the blooming to the withering and I participated in the procedures that connected with these things. In spring deadheading, pruning, planting and watering where much of my duties. In early summer the garden started a voluntary training program and every...

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