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“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

Planting Succulents at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Gardening at altitude

Gardening at elevation in the Colorado mountains can be tough. Located at 8,200' Betty Ford Alpine Gardens are here to help make things a little easier for you by providing Colorado specific garden resources to inform, inspire and educate you on how to make your garden more beautiful and sustainable for the community and the environment.

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Turf replacement

Looking to replace your turf with a more sustainable and appealing landscape? Get the latest information and logistics on the incentivized Colorado State turf replacement program as proposed by house bill 22-1151.

Visit the Colorado Water and Conservation Board's website to keep up to date with how you can receive state funding to revision your home landscape. 

Click here to visit. 

CSU extension agency

Keep up to date with the latest gardening resources, master gardener courses, workshops, webinars, blogs and more from one of Colorado’s greatest gardening resources, Colorado State University Extension Agency.

Denyse SchrenkerDenyse Schrenker, Horticulture and Small Acreage Management. Office Telephone: 970-328-8633 Email:

Eagle County Extension Website

Pollinating Bee at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Colorado Plant Select

Interested in learning more about water wise plants to fill your vacant garden space? PlantSelect plants are born and bred to thrive in Colorado Landscapes. Help diversify your garden with resilient plants by visiting PlantSelect.

20 Plants (Flowers, Vegetables, and Shrubs) That Deer Love to Eat - Gardening ChoresWhile deer resistant gardening is challenging, CSU Extension and Plant Talk have a quick read article to help you create a garden design that is less attractive for those pesky deer to munch on. Click here for ideas to begin planting a more deer resilient garden.

Bee at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Plant Something Colorado

Get a plethora of information about gardening from your local experts as well as information on where you can shop for your plant nursery needs. Visit Plant Something Colorado and help create and cultivate a more beautiful Colorado. 

Pollinating Bee at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

AHS Society

For over 100 years the American Horticultural Society has been a leading resource in providing information, education and inspiration to gardens all over the US. Visit the American Horticultural Society’s website to gain access to podcasts, learn about different groups and societies, read blogs and learn more about how you can get involved in gardening in your local area.

Visit the AHS Society's website.

Painted Lady - Betty Ford Alpine Garden

PlantSnap Pro with augmented reality now $15 (Reg. $25) - 9to5Toys

Looking for some help to identify plants on the go? PlantSnap is a great app to begin your botanical journey to identifying plants with your mobile device. Check out PLANTSNAP and give it a try.

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