Helen Fritch Endowment Matching Challenge

Challenge Met 

Donations matched 3:1

In honor of our founder, Helen Fritch, Helen’s daughters, Jeanne, Nancy and Leslie have created a special matching challenge to support the forever future of the Gardens. You helped the Gardens can raise $30,000, and an additional $90,000 has been unlocked for the endowment. 

Thank you to Jean and Tom McDonnell, Robin and Thomas Burch, Patricia and Rex Brown, Mary and David Davies, Janet and Kevin Cramer, Jackie Cohen, Nanette and Nick Kuich, Gwen and Rick Scalpello, Nicola Ripley and Danny Johnson, and Shelly and Ken Weisbacher for helping us reach this goal.

Sow the seeds of the future. 

This endowment challenge supports future summer programming, new garden projects and a commitment to continuing to elevate the visitor experience. 


Ways to Give

A society grows great when [people] plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. -Greek proverb

Your gift supports all the beauty you witness when you walk through Betty Ford Alpine Gardens AND the conservation and education research that happens each week to further this mission.

Thanks to a generous gift from one of our benefactors, the Gardens hired a conservation scientist in 2020. The focus of this position is to work on the Strategy for North American Alpine Plant Conservation authored by Garden’s Director, Nicola Ripley in partnership with other key stakeholders in the conservation realm.

We ask visitors to consider a $5 donation during their visit and your gift here amplifies what is possible. Your gift brings world-class exhibits to life. You fund the future interest in horticulture and education science by supporting our internship program. You inspire families and young people to create a curiosity in nature that lasts a lifetime.

To create, all that you see it takes about $1.3 million dollars annually. Your gift today, of any size, helps us get closer to that goal and closer to the mission of conserving alpine plants and fragile mountain environments.

Together, we grow.

Underwriting & Sponsorship Projects 

Every level you increase, you maximize impact on the Gardens’ future.

Partial Sponsorships Available

There are a few special projects that can be sponsored and named each year. We look for individuals to underwrite these special opportunities for the community.

Possible Sponsorship Projects:

  • Southwest Waterwise Garden Addition – $65K
  • Betty’s Market in Children’s Garden (Annual) – $2K
  • Family classes supplies
  • Audio Visual Upgrade Package – $4375
  • Phase II Education Center Rooftop Trellis Expansion – $35K
  • Addition of UV Protection for Alpine House – $15K
  • Garden Protector – ( 5K – 25K )
  • 2022 Butterfly Launch – 7500 – SPONSORED
  • Conservation field days – SPONSORED
  • Staff Professional Development
  • Contact Development Director, Melissa Ebone at 970-476-0103 ext 5 or email to explore possibilities – small or big

Planned Giving

Give a Legacy Gift 

There are multiple ways you can support the Gardens with your estate planning.  

Leaving a gift to Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in your will is the most common way that individuals ensure the work of the Gardens’ continues for the next generation. These gifts often take the form of: 

  • Cash
  • Closely Held Stock
  • Real Estate
  • Appreciated Securities
  • Tangible Personal Property 

Your tax advisor can guide you on the best way to take care of your family and the mission of the charities you hold dear. Oftentimes, with strategic planning, you are able to do more with your assets because of the tax implications of different types of giving. 

Our Tax ID # is 74-2395097 

*If you have made a provision for the Gardens in your estate plans, we would love to know. We want to be able to celebrate with you and understand your goals and intentions to make sure your wishes happen.



Bristlecone Pine Matching Challenge

Longevity, Resilience, Beauty

Endowment gifts will secure the future of Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. An endowed contribution is permanently invested, and only a portion of the earnings is withdrawn. The principal is never spent. Endowment gifts ensure the legacy of the Gardens for future generations. Betty Ford Alpine Gardens has an actively managed investment portfolio to ensure that our investments are protected and allowed to grow.

The Gardens draw a 4.5% distribution annually.

Your gift supports all the beauty you witness when you walk through Betty Ford Alpine Gardens AND the conservation and education research that happens each week to further this mission.

Currently – $3,500,000

Endowment Goal – $13,000,000

Biggest Dream: A $13 million Gift to the Endowment would fund the operations of the Gardens in perpetuity.

Stock Gifts

Upcoming Projects

The Gardens is continuing to expand geographic collections and update Gardens. We are building an Outdoor Family Classroom and deepening our engagement into conservation in the alpine.

Tribute and Memory Gifts

Tribute and Memory Gifts

Benches and tribute projects are available throughout the Gardens. 2 naming opportunities currently exist for benches. 

Sponsor a Specific Project

Sponsor a Specific Project

Project Sponsor

Lots of specific projects to sponsor:

Summer Exhibit

Children’s Garden

Education Projects

Garden Supplies 

Internship Support


Gift Membership

Gift Memberships

For the nature-lover in your life, the person who cares about conservation or that person that you really want to give a gift that says I care about what you care about it. You can purchase a year-long membership that connects them with the nature cause they love. 

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