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Workshop: Plants and Pollinators

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Plants and Pollinators

Public Workshop

Time: June 24 @ 10:30 am – June 24 @ 12:00 pm

Emily Griffoul, Conservation Scientist & Nanette Kuich, Education Director Find out about the evolutionary relationship of pollinators to plants, some of our local pollinators and the native plants they depend […]

New Book Release!

On the Roof of the Rocky Mountains

A new book celebrating Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, its stunning alpine botanic collections and its dedication to the conservation of high mountain plants and habitat. An informative narrative and photographic journey through one of the most beautiful and distinguished high altitude (8,200 feet) botanical gardens in the world.

When you purchase the book, you are supporting a team of scientists, educators, horticulturists, and volunteers who, together, work to conserve the alpine environment and
curate a beautiful space for Vail’s community.

Available June 26th.

Education Center Exhibit

Alpines: Conquerors of the Cold

The harsh Alpine ecosystem is too brutal for trees to live. Explore intimate photographic portraits of survivors, from lichens to pikas, that have evolved strategies to endure in the world’s toughest environment.  

Immerse yourself in the land above the trees. 

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