5 Reasons to visit the Gardens in the winter

Educational Snowshoe Tour
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5 Reasons to Visit Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in the Winter.

Winter in the Colorado mountains creates a magical and almost fairytale environment in our snow covered botanical garden, making it a special and memorable experience for those who venture into its wintry embrace.

Gardens Open Daily Dawn – Dusk

Education Center Open Daily 10A – 4P

  1. Explore the Transformed Landscape on Snowshoes – Snow transforms the familiar paths of Betty Ford Alpine Gardens into something entirely different. Trees, plants, and waterfalls are draped in white, making the garden seem like a magical winter wonderland. Rent a pair of snowshoes at the Education Center and explore the trails through the Gardens and along Gore Creek for a quiet winter wonderland experience. (Ages 5+) Rentals $10/person, include poles. Guided Snowshoe Experiences available Wednesdays at 10:30A
  2. Winter Wildlife While many animals hibernate or migrate during winter, some remain active. Observing winter wildlife, such as birds searching for food or squirrels navigating through the snow, adds a dynamic and enchanting element to the garden. The bird viewing station inside the cozy Education Center gives visitors a chance to see birds up close through the wall of windows and borrow binoculars and bird guides to identify the soaring creatures just beyond the glass. Maybe you’ll take a photo that you can enter into the Project Feederwatch photo contest. Check it out here.
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  3. The Sounds of David Attenborough – Relax while Sir David Attenborough, renowned British broadcaster and natural historian, takes viewers on an adventure in the skies with this series. Life of Birds, playing in the Education Centers, uncovers the private lives of these clever, engaging conquerors of the air. 
  4. Opportunity for ReflectionThe winter garden provides an opportunity for reflection and introspection. The stillness and quietness invite visitors to slow down, appreciate the moment, and connect with the natural world in a profound way. Whether you pick up the winter bird scavenger hunt at the Education Center, explore The Breaking Records signs throughout the Gardens or go on your own path of discovery, the quiet trails throughout the Gardens are a serene backdrop as you connect with the magic of the natural world. 
  5. Travel the worldThe plants of the Alpine House, connected to the main Education Center, are a ticket to travel around the alpine areas of the world. Discover rare plants from Turkey, Afghanistan, South Africa and beyond with a trip inside the Alpine House. If you look closely, you can find some of the largest collections of these plants housed anywhere in North America. 

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