2023 Annual Report

Red and pink flowers along the water's edge - Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
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Thank you. Your support of Betty Ford Alpine Gardens powers a team of scientists, educators, horticulturists and volunteers. Together, we work toward our mission to protect the alpine environment through education, conservation and living plant collections. 

See what we created together in 2023. With your support, we built the Mountain Waterwise Garden, a garden that demonstrates ways to create landscapes with minimal water. Our website is now a hub of resources for homeowners and HOAs on the subject of planting responsibly to conserve critical water resources. Our Horticulture team presented to local landscapers about using native plants and xeriscaping. On site, we upgraded to an all electric mechanical fleet and all our events are now zero waste.

And on the National and Global Landscape…In 2023, we completed the first ever North American alpine ecosystem map, allowing scientists to assess protection of alpine habitat. We also completed the first comprehensive list of alpine plant species, against which progress on our conservation efforts can be measured. The Gardens were invited to become members of the Global Partnership for Plant Conservation because of conservation efforts and we were invited to join international leaders a Symposium at Kew Gardens in London to assess ‘The State of the World’s Plants and Fungi’.


Your support powers these achievements and we thank you. Thank you for donating, visiting, joining a tour, volunteering, attending an event, exploring our website, telling a friend about us, buying our book “On The Roof of the Rocky Mountains”, downloading the Alpine Wildflower Finder App, becoming a citizen scientist on iNaturalist or becoming as a conservation partner.

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