Helen Fritch Endowment Matching Challenge

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens: Butterfly Launch
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Total Matching Funds: $45,000

Match Met!

Helen Fritch, founder, former Gardens’ board president, will always be remembered by her friends and family for her kind, compassionate and gracious spirit. She encouraged and inspired everyone who knew her. Her motto was: “If you don’t like the way things are going, get involved and help make a change.” Now, her daughters are ensuring her spirit of generosity continues with this fund. 

The Helen Fritch Endowment Fund was created by the daughters of our founder to continue their mom’s spirit of dedication to these Gardens. Because the gifts to endowment are invested and only the dividends are spent, this type of gift can transform an organization.  Endowment gifts create a legacy of support in perpetuity and ensure the ongoing core stability of Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. 

Jeanne Fritch, Leslie Chapman and Nancy Fritch created this endowment fund because they believe, as their mom did, it is important to invest in the foundation of the organization to ensure its strength and longevity. 

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens houses one of the most important collections of alpine flora in the world and is leading a national action to protect North America’s alpine flora. The endowment protects the Gardens in perpetuity and supports this work on an ongoing basis.

There is an opportunity for an endowment match again this year. Betty Ford Alpine Gardens can match up to $45,000 in donations to the Helen Fritch Endowment Fund.

If you or your family are willing to be a part of this special opportunity, perhaps to celebrate or honor someone you love, please email Development Director, Melissa Ebone, here.

We wish you many moments of connection with the people you love in this season of harvest time and remembrance for those we treasure. You can also make a donation directly to this match fund with the button below.




Kathy & Eric Borgen

Patty and Rex Brown

Bob Davidoff

Catherine and Jim Ebone

Melissa Ebone

Gail Grillo

Georgia and Don Gogel

Liz & Luc Meyer

Norman M. Morris Foundation

Mike Knippen & Anne Nagle


Nick & Nanette Kuich

Kay & David Lawrence Foundation

Sylvia Maggio

CJ Mueller

Sandy Nelson

Nicola Ripley & Danny Johnson

June and Paul Rossetti

Bryan Ward

Ken & Linda Wolff

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