feathered dinosaur roaring

Dinosaurs Among Us Exhibit

The next time you dodge a pigeon on the sidewalk, watch a sparrow eat from a feeder in a backyard, or order chicken for dinner, know that you just had an encounter with a modern dinosaur. Dinosaurs never really vanished from Earth. Most did go extinct, but their evolutionary legacy lives on all around us, in birds. The exhibition Dinosaurs Among Us will highlight the unbroken line between the charismatic dinosaurs that dominated the planet for about 170 million years and modern birds. The panels feature large-scale color illustrations of familiar and newly discovered extinct dinosaur species as they would have looked in life.

The exhibit is located in the Education Center and throughout Ford Park. Visit the Education Center for Dinosaurs Among Us Family Scavenger Hunt and Activities.


May 25 2024 - May 26 2025


All Day


Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

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