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New Book Release!

On the Roof of the Rocky Mountains

A new book celebrating Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, its stunning alpine botanic collections and its dedication to the conservation of high mountain plants and habitat. An informative narrative and photographic journey through one of the most beautiful and distinguished high altitude (8,200 feet) botanical gardens in the world.

When you purchase the book, you are supporting a team of scientists, educators, horticulturists, and volunteers who, together, work to conserve the alpine environment and
curate a beautiful space for Vail’s community.

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“A little above the point where the timber disappears entirely, commences a region of astonishing beauty, and of great interest on account of its productions.”
Edwin James

Education Center Exhibit

From Platte to Peak

November 9 – April 30

Presenting illustrations of plant species collected 200 years ago by botanist Edwin James during the Stephen H. Long expedition. James collected 700 plant species, 140 which were entirely new to science.


This exhibit, organized by the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists, intends to honor and celebrate the explorers that discovered these species.


Each scientifically accurate piece is created in traditional botanical illustration media: watercolor, graphite, pen and ink, colored pencil or hand pulled prints. The resulting renderings are exquisitely detailed, able to illustrate far more detail than found in photographs.

November 19th – January 2nd

Presented by the Vail Valley Foundation, a family-friendly, winter lighting walkthrough experience

Tickets can be purchased through the Vail Valley Foundation at

The Gardens do not provide ticketing to this event

If you are interested in renting the Education Center for a private event during the Magic of Lights,
please contact Ellen at

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From Platte to Peak Exhibit

From Platte to Peak Exhibit

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