Kitti Lippai, Hungary,Torokszentmiklos

Garden Intern – 2004 summer

I spent 3 month in the Betty Ford Alpine Garden from the blooming to the withering and I participated in the procedures that connected with these things. In spring deadheading, pruning, planting and watering where much of my duties. In early summer the garden started a voluntary training program and every Monday I gave a lesson about weeds, planting, seed collection, the seed exchange program, composting, and herbs; after this I worked with the volunteers in the garden. In summer time we weeded a lot and planted a new bed in the perennial garden, as well as parts of the alpine and the Himalayan garden. Two times a month I cleaned the pond to maintain algae. By bringing a lot of dead wood from a nearby creek to another garden pond, as a new landscaping project, we were able recreate beaver dams.

Every Wednesday the Gardens had a Children’s program and usually I helped with this especially with the art projects. We had three field trips – Denver Botanic Gardens, Yampa River Botanic Park, and Mt. Evans Scenic Byway. We saw different areas on each trip, many varieties of plants. These trips were very interesting and I had a lot of fun.

I enjoyed the whole season, but my favorite was the deadheading, planting and naturally the voluntary training program.

During this time I learned a lot of practical things and used them daily, met many interesting and wonderful people. I enjoyed Vail’s culture life and Colorado’s amazing mountainous area. It was a fantastic place with a very good staff and I enjoyed every moment there! Come and be an intern for the next year!

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