My summer internship with Betty Ford Alpine Gardens was amazing! When I arrived in May I knew very little about alpine plants, but by the end of my internship I could name many new favorite plants around the gardens.  Coming from central New York, the chance to work with rare high alpine plants was a unique and exciting opportunity for me.  Through interactions with both the garden staff and volunteers, I learned so much about horticulture, public garden management, and native Colorado plants.

Going on field trips to Denver Botanic Gardens and hiking Shrine Pass were great learning experiences, and helped me gain first-hand knowledge of the plant life of the Rocky Mountains.

As the garden and education intern, I was able to create and present lesson plans to groups of kids every week.  We covered topics such as butterflies, the water cycle, forest ecology, and flower pollination.  Helping children to understand and appreciate the environment was one of my favorite parts of the summer. My season in Vail went by so quickly- I had so much fun working and learning at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens!

Katrina Zavislan

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