Jake Burkhardt/Jess Anderson -White Bison & Fall Line Kitchen & Cocktails


 Ingredient Amt Unit
Lemon Juice  1.00 pt
Dijon Mustard 1.00 Tbs
Honey 2.00 Tbs
Champagne Vinegar 1.00 cup
Lemon Oil 1.50 cup
Blended Oil 2.50 qt
Lemon Zest 6.00 ea
Salt 2.00 Tbs


In the vita mix do this in 2 batches. Combine lemon juice, vinegar, Dijon and honey. Emulsify with oil then season with salt and add zest.


 Ingredient Amt Unit
Butter 5.00 oz
Sugar 4.50 oz
Lemon Juice 4.50 oz
Yolk 4.50 oz
Lemon Zest 0.25 oz


Combine lemon zest, juice, 1/2 of the sugar, butter and salt in a mixing bowl. Separately temper the other half of the sugar and egg yolks over a double boil. Combine all ingredients together and mix well then gently bring to a boil then cool

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