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Activities are every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:30am - noon. Look below to see our four themes and check the calendar for what's available this week!




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Our Activities

Every week Betty Ford Alpine Gardens hosts nature-themed activities that are fun for the whole family. Our activities are designed to inspire your child’s creativity. In this hour and a half session they will make discoveries about nature that will also help foster an appreciation for the beautiful world we live in.

Parents can join the activity or take the hour and a half to enjoy the Gardens. Children must be 8 or older to be left alone. Each child is $10, parents are free. Activities are best suited for kids ages 5-12.

The Journey of Water

10:30am-noon, Education Center

Discover the journey water takes to make it to our town and how important it is to take care of this precious resource. 

Biodiversity Jenga 

10:30am-noon, Education Center

Maintaining an ecosystem is a delicate balancing act. Through the excitement of Jenga, children and families observe the many ways humans influence the environment around them and how we can keep the mountains beautiful and healthy.

The Riparian Zone (A Beaver’s Playhouse)

10:30am-noon, Education Center

What is a beaver’s life like? Busy busy busy! Through the eyes of a beaver, we will discover why they are so important to the riparian habitat and why they love living there. 

Alpine Animals

10:30am-noon, Education Center

Some of the world’s most wondrous animals live above the tree line. Their unique adaptations and special lifestyles make them great animals for families to investigate. You can choose your favorite alpine animal, and, through their eyes, see the amazing world of the alpine.

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