Gena Morgis

Education intern

Summer 2013

The Education Intern Position at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens allowed me to participate in hands on work within the gardens, and focus on the development of educational programs for children. Each week of the summer, educational lessons and interactive activities would be displayed on the garden Discovery Cart and focus on ecological subjects such as the pollination of flowers and plant life cycles.  The experience was extremely rewarding because families were provided the opportunity to learn and explore the gardens together while demonstrating the value of public gardens as a community resource.

As an east coast landscape architecture student, the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens provided the perfect place to for me to experience western landscapes within the Rocky Mountains.  The gardens opened my eyes to a range of plant material that I otherwise would not have an opportunity to engage with on the east coast, and overall changed my perspective on mountainous landscapes.  From my past educational experiences the Rocky Mountains held monumental qualities, but working at the gardens showed me how alpine flora and fauna detail these colossal landscapes to create an environment filled with beautiful intricacies.

Overall my experience at the gardens was truly exceptional. Everyday was filled with new opportunities to learn, explore and work hard towards a common goal in developing a public garden that celebrates the unique nature of the alpine environments.

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