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How Plants have Adapted Through Deep Time

Presentation with Dr. Ian Miller, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

June 23, 2021 @ 6:00 pm 7:00 pm MDT

Plants changed an inhospitable planet by providing food and oxygen so animals could thrive. Plant adaptations have allowed them to survive for 3.5 billion years through cataclysmic events that resulted in massive animal extinctions. Will they be able to continue to adapt to the present-day rapidly changing conditions? 

Raised nearly feral in rural Washington State, Dr. Ian Miller first discovered geology and paleontology while scavenging mine tailings for fool’s gold and pulling Miocene clams out of road cuts. His principal interests are fossil leaves and their applications for understanding ancient ecosystems and climate. Ian received his BA from Colorado College and did his first paleobotanical work at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science as a hopeful intern. He pursued a PhD and MA in geology and paleobotany from Yale University, and returned to Denver and the Museum in 2006.

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