Helen Fritch Matching Challenge

Helen Fritch Matching Challenge

Thank You!

92 Individuals and Families helped us answer the call and raise over $30,000 to meet the matching challenge from Helen’s daughters – Nancy, Leslie & Jeanne. 


How It All Started:

One day in 1985, Helen and Bob Fritch were driving back to Vail from Denver one day and picked up a hitchhiker whose car had broken down outside of Georgetown. It was during that infamous ride home with Marty Jones, landscape architect, in the back seat, these Gardens were born.

Today we celebrate not only this amazing woman, but these Gardens that she helped create and all that she has contributed to the valley. My mom had a vision that Vail would one day be as well known for their flowers as they are for their skiing. These Gardens are the reward of that vision.With her leadership, she helped grow the organization to make the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens an internationally acclaimed botanic garden for alpine horticulture, education and conservation.

My sisters and I have put up a challenge to continue to grow the organization by matching every dollar given in the name of Helen Fritch up to $30,000 through the end of the year. Because the work that they are doing to educate the public on the delicacy of the alpine environment and their conservation efforts to preserve endangered plants is so vital to ensure future generations can enjoy the peace and beauty we cherish.

So, a toast to Helen. We will miss you so but your spirit will always be here in these gardens.

-Excerpt from toast by Jeanne Fritch on Helen Fritch day at the Gardens

September 27, 2019