My experience as an intern at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens was absolutely unforgettable. I worked in the most beautiful garden in the world, which just happens to be surrounded by the breathtaking Rockies. What more could a girl ask for? I was able to increase my understanding of alpine plants immensely by working with a very knowledgeable and exuberantly friendly staff. The staff at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens made the experience very well worth it. They have genuine interest in you and your success. They are more than willing to do their best to provide you with an ample learning environment, structured so that you gain knowledge without even realizing it through various activities that are both fun and challenging. I also gained useful knowledge on how a small public garden is executed.

Each day of the week was a little different than the next in the gardens. I worked closely with the other intern on a daily basis. We worked with the volunteers, completed various maintenance tasks, went on field trips, and led an intense outdoor children and teen’s program. We had the opportunity to assist in the design and implementation of the teen’s educational program. Each week was a different topic, ranging from soil science to environmental stewardship. The program was three hours long once a week. It was an incredibly gratifying experience, and it was exciting to share our passion for the outdoors in an environment that may have been unfamiliar to the teens. Overall, it seemed surreal some days to think that we were weeding next to waterfalls. We truly looked forward to work each day. Vail is an amazing town full of adventures. It was a blissful summer, and being constantly surrounded by wholesome natural elements that entice every sense was an experience that will not be easily mimicked. If you have the opportunity to apply for this internship, I would encourage you to go for it.

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