Claire Pirio – Education Intern 2018 & 2019

My summer at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens has been nothing short of incredible. During my first couple of weeks at the Gardens, I would find myself smiling just from how lucky I felt to have landed an internship in such a beautiful setting. As the Education Intern, I got to interact with children and their families in the Children’s Garden to teach them about riparian environments and how to conserve them. However, every day at the gardens presented a new learning opportunity, and I can say with confidence that no two days were the same. As a graduate with a plant science degree, I was very excited to discover that part of my job as the education intern involved working with the horticulturists and volunteers out in the garden. Nick was always willing to take a moment to teach or explain something new to me and Nanette has been a great mentor throughout the summer. I am so thankful that this internship brought me to Vail. I’ve learned a ton, met wonderful people, and I’m very excited to continue my journey at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens.

– Claire Pirio

Eduacational Intern 2018 & 2019



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