Colin Lee – Curatorial Intern 2016

When I look back at my Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Internship I can’t help but think of all the amazing opportunities I was given as an intern both inside and outside of the gardens. While in the gardens, I was subject to learning and working with plants every day in...

Rachel Holland – Horticulture Intern 2016

I had an incredible summer as an intern at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. This experience was once in a lifetime, not only do you have the privilege to work in the beautiful Gore Range. But you are given the amazing opportunity tolive in Vail, Colorado and explore the...

Allyson Ayalon – Curatorial Intern 2015

I came to work as the curatorial intern at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens to learn about managing plant records for living collections and to assist with plant display labels, a summer job that was a perfect compliment to my Master’s study in public horticulture.

Sam Gilvarg – Horticulture Intern 2015

My experience working as the Horticultural Intern at BFAG has opened my eyes to a whole world of Alpine plants and their ecology that I had previously only been able to experience through the pages of a book.

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