Weather in the alpine is defined as being too hard to support trees. In the northern hemisphere that is around where mean summer temperatures are 50 F. Growing season is short, temperatures are cold and wind is almost constant.


Some fascinating animals have adapted to living in the alpine. Some, including many of the larger animals such as Elk spend the relatively warmer summer and move to lower elevations in winter and some, such as the Pika and Marmot have made the alpine home year round.

Gena Morgis, Education Intern Summer 2013

Gena Morgis Education intern Summer 2013 The Education Intern Position at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens allowed me to participate in hands on work within the gardens, and focus on the development of educational programs for children. Each week of the summer,...

Joel Sehloff, Garden Maintenance Intern Summer 2013

Joel Sehloff – University of Wisconsin – River Falls Horticulture Intern – Summer 2013 To say the least, my summer at the Alpine gardens was incredible. I don’t think there was ever two days that were quite the same. The gardens have so much to offer to...

Katrina Zavislan, Education Intern Summer 2012

My summer internship with Betty Ford Alpine Gardens was amazing! When I arrived in May I knew very little about alpine plants, but by the end of my internship I could name many new favorite plants around the gardens.  Coming from central New York, the chance to work...

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